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Sep 20, 2011
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How to set up email on a BlackBerry® smartphone

NOTE: this can only be done once the BlackBerry service has been activated on the SIM card as per the steps mentioned previously.

  1. Select the Setup icon in the main user interface menu
  2. Select the Email Setting icon (this will only be available once the Setup Wizard has been completed. If this icon is not displayed, select the Setup Wizard icon and complete the required steps
  3. An end user agreement page will be displayed - scroll down and complete the required steps
  4. An existing email or BlackBerry® email address can now be completed

Email accounts

Adding an existing email address
When adding an existing email address to a profile, enter it in the top section of the page displayed. Enter the email address password, confirm it and click "Next"

Setting up a BlackBerry email account
Depending on your network, to create a BlackBerry email address, scroll down and select [email protected] or [email protected] below the "Create new account" option. Enter a unique descriptive email prefix (username) and password for the BlackBerry email address. Confirm the password, complete the secret question section and click "Next"

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