My 67 min 4 TAT' MADIBA

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Jul 26, 2011
Firstly, do u guys know a movie called ACCEPTED? If yes u'll easily understand what I'm talking about. Life is long and hard, and there are no short cuts not unless u rich or know someone in high places. For most persistent people who wants 2 make it in life it's HARD WORK ALL THE WAY, and dats u and me I believe. Well I'm not a motivational speaker nor am I in position to discaurage u. You know your dreams, so chase them and kindly ignore the time, meaning be patient and don't loose hope. If it happens dat u come accross obstacles or end up failing in your journey, please don't loose hope.

The aim of this blog was ask u guys to encourage me and tell me that it's going to be ok and that my little project of giving back to community will not just fade away just because it facing new and by far the bigger challanges. I'm broke. But instead of buying myself nice things or take my girlfriend out I pay rent, buy stationeries and pay salaries with my hard earned cashed just to help my community. This is how, I rent a steel container with payphones, I then putted a PC, a printer, Internet and faxing facilities so that people can able get communication services at an easily accessible, high quality and cost effectively in d nearby area. I trained a guy to run the place while I'm working on something else to improve the standard of living in my community. Now the problem is he's just got another job and now the place has to be closed 'coz I can't find someone to replace him. He came to thank me for blvn in him and opening other doors for him. Currently i cant go there myself coz if I dont make enough money to pay for expenses the place will be closed, and i cant let dat happen coz i still want to help more people to better their lives. Now the people or should i some loosers and laughing @ me saying I've failed just because d place is closed for a few dat will do for my 67 min 4 Madiba bt it doesnt have to end like this. I need all the help I can get,,,,any suggestions???

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terican2000 3 years ago
never heard of such a movie

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