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May 11, 2011
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All creativity is a leap of imagination. So let creative industry leaders, double-bounce you out of the box towards a more creative future. SHIFT is a first for South Africa: a youth adult speaker series hosted at nightspots...with the hottest, sharpest speaker content available. SHIFT is about creating a new generation of aware, savvy, critically conscious 20-somethings who will take South Africa to new heights.Shift Your Creativity the second of the four Shift evenings provides you with a great opportunity to network with creative industry leaders, such as Gavin Rooke and Khaya Dlanga. You can also connect with like-minded students from other campuses, and be entertained at the Lenovo chill room where you stand a chance to win a funky new Lenovo laptop powered by Intel.This exclusive cocktail event, on 26 May, which will be held at 1 Bar is free of charge!Sign up now @ and click the Shift Your Creativity tab to win tickets!Go ahead - You only have one life to live!

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