Through Student Village and our various different channels, your brand is able to reach in excess of 2.5 million youth.

This is how:

Student Village Social Media

Reach: 250 000+
Pricing: From R29,500-00/month
Primary Objective: Reach/Awareness

Connect directly with youth via our social media platforms with more youth and student followers than almost any other in the country. Use our channels to help you reach youth where they live, work and play, or let us work with you to amplify your campaigns and messages on your own channels, and deliver them to our extensive youth and student base.

Village Rewards Digital Activation Channel

Reach: 250 000+
Pricing: From R35,000-00/month
Primary Objective: Engagement/Sales

No physical activations? No problem. Our custom-built online activation channel will connect you with students in a fun and engaging way, anytime and anywhere. Students engage directly via our web-based application and we’re able to redirect them where they need to go – perfect for any E-com strategy. Check it out for yourself at https://bit.ly/villagerewards

Student/Youth Influencers

Reach: From 200,000
Pricing: From R35,000-00/month
Primary Objective: Awareness/Engagement

With our database of more than 18,000 student and youth influencers, we’re able to tailor the perfect execution for your campaign. We manage the search and selection of the right influencers, and follow through with exceptional campaign management. The results show: Student Village influencer campaigns generate three times more engagement than the industry average.

Student Village WhatsApp Army

Reach: From 2,500/campus
Pricing: From R11,000-00/campus
Primary Objective: Reach/Awareness

Let our teams on the ground amplify your message and campaign. Our brand promoter teams are spread across the country, on and off campus, and have their own extensive networks that they engage with. Make their audience your audience with personalised messages and campaigns.

Student/Youth Emailer Databases

Reach: From 5,000/campus
Pricing: From R8,250-00/campus
Primary Objective: Awareness/Call to Action

We have an extensive collection of databases that can be targeted according to your campaign objectives. Looking to target specific degrees, a specific year of study, or even students in a specific province? We’ll help you zero in on the right audience.

Student/Youth Content Package

Reach: 300,000+
Pricing: From R29,500-00/month
Primary Objective: Engagement/Sales

We have the capabilities to strategise, create and distribute high-impact content. Extend your reach, generate high levels of engagement, and boost sales with content packages tailored to your specific objectives.

Campus Radio & Digital Package

Reach: 600,000+
Pricing: From R12,500-00/campus station
Primary Objective: Reach/Awareness/Call to Action

Campus stations are plugged into their campus culture and surrounding communities, and are more digital than ever. We have wonderful working relationships with these stations, and can tailor your radio strategy to reach and engage with students both locally and nationally.

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