Student Village: Connecting futures

We know that both brands and youth have a brighter future when they work together – and that success is only real when everyone wins. This is what gets us out of bed every morning. Our deep commitment to connecting brands with youth and youth with brands creates continued vitality and sustained success – for everyone. By partnering with Student Village, we help you to understand, access, engage and develop with each other.

We call it connecting futures.

Meet some of our team

At Student Village, we get youth. We can reach youth. We know how to engage youth. We’re part of youth culture ourselves, and you can feel the young pulse beating throughout the company. This is who we are:

Ronen Aires

Ronen Aires


Artboard – 2
Lunga Mgabadeli

Lunga Mgabadeli


Jono Dicks

Jono Dicks

Business Development

Coco Zwane

Coco Zwane

Account Director

Gabi Goldstein

Gabi Goldstein

& Special Projects

Sam Perumal

Sam Perumal

Financial Manager

Nicole Hilton

Nicole Hilton

Bursary Manager

Tyson Molemela

Tyson Molemela

Head Creative

Ronen Aires



Jono Dicks

Business Development


Bonolo Ntamu

Digital Lead


Kopano Seema

Senior Bursary Administrator


Lebo Lechela

Senior Account Director


Gabi Goldstein

Head of Marketing


Student Village at a glance


Social Media Following


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Digital Influencers


Youth Reach Across 70 Campuses


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+ Numerous local and global youth awards

At Student Village we’re all about connection

We started out as a website for students. Since then we have evolved well beyond that. Today, our services span marketing, youth insights, brand activation, influencer campaigns, and bursary services. Our unique approach is based on the three ways we connect with youth:



When it comes to youth, we know what you need to know, who to speak to, and how to get your message across…

At Student Village, we get youth. We can reach youth. We know how to engage youth. We’re part of youth culture ourselves, and you can feel the young pulse beating throughout the company.

Our unique ability to connect is built on our unique ability to understand. Deep research and many years of cultivating relationships with high school learners, university students and young professionals have given us deep insight into:

  • What’s on the minds of youth today
  • Typical youth behaviours and habits
  • Trends and consumption patterns
  • Their current reality and future aspirations.

Diving into the minds of youth, we serve up the juiciest insights on what they’re buzzing about. We’ve got the deets on what they crave, dream of, and can’t live without – plus the 411 on how brands can slide into their world, wherever they’re hanging out. Our youth-savvy vibes guarantee brands get the lowdown and the perfect playbook to rock their connection game!

Our UNDERSTAND services include:

  • Research & trends
  • Immersions
  • Real-time insights: WhatsApp armies, focus groups, boardroom panels
  • Roadmaps/Strat sessions: War rooms
  • Ronen Aires (CEO): Breach/talks/panels


We’ve been connecting youth and brands for more than 23 years.

Student Village specialises in creating youth-centered brand experiences that are meticulously crafted and flawlessly executed – that capture the imagination of youth and drive engagement with your brand.

Youth are a vital market for brands: impressionable, highly influential, and yet to establish brand loyalty. By helping you reach this market, you’ll be setting trends and habits that will last a lifetime. But youth are notoriously difficult to engage.

The key is authenticity. Youth see through the hype, but authenticity gets their attention. Our language speaks their vibe, and our content, opportunities, and brand experiences are tailor-made for their interests.

 Trust is our foundation. We’re all about real relationships and creating platforms for brands to seamlessly blend into youth culture. It’s about meeting them on their turf and in their language, ensuring they connect with you on a whole new level.

Our influence isn’t limited to campus grounds. We’ve expanded to schools, communities, and the vibrant realm of social media. With over 250,000 active followers daily, we’re your gateway to the digital generation. Through our digital activation channel, you can strike up direct conversations with students, no campus presence required.

Whether it’s sparking interest in a product or launching your company’s graduate scheme, we’re the masters of generating youthful excitement.

Our ENGAGE services include:

  • Strategy & Creative
  • Social Media
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Bursary Recruitment
  • Bursary Programme
  • Graduate Programme
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing
  • Activations on and off campus
  • Digital Activation
  • Live Stream Activations
  • Virtual Careers Fairs
  • Brand & Social Influencers
  • Research Immersions
  • studentvillage.co.za
  • Events


Investing in youth. Uplifting lives. Building futures.

At Student Village, our main appeal to youth is that we offer real opportunities – access to bursaries, work experience, social events and great merchandise, all coordinated through our brand partners.

We’re not your average agency – we’re all about supercharging youth potential! From scoring bursaries to landing dream jobs, we’re the bridge between rad brands and incredible young talent. And through our content platform, we provide access to the knowledge and support that youth need to create a bright future.

To date, we have helped more than 300,000 students from all backgrounds bag bursaries, crush work challenges, self-actualise and forge their careers.

Our DEVELOP services include:

  • Corporate bursary programmes (end-to-end management)
  • Self-development and EQ training
  • Mentorship & work readiness
  • Bursary management system
  • Graduate campaigns: onboarding workshops & internal training
  • Campus Visits
  • Care packs

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